Antrei Hartikainen


€1.110 EUR

VIENO combines delicate and shiny glass as well as matte wooden material. The different materials accentuate each other. The collaboration with designer Katriina Nuutinen in producing the Vieno bottle brings forward the essence of two soulful natural materials. The combination is strong, fragile, delicate and beautiful all at the same time.

Vieno is like smooth, calm water: it gives life to flowers and branches that are given to it, letting them reach out towards new light. It breathes new life into surrounding space. The bottle is an outstanding piece of art also without flowers.

Material: Glass and linden wood
Weight: 3 kg
Height: 28cm
Bottle Diameter: 14cm
Cap Diameter (medium): 14cm
Cap Diameter (large): 20cm

Delivery time: 6-8 weeks

Expected production time is between 4 - 6 weeks + shipping time.