Hervé Humbert


€750 EUR

PETITE TABLE D’ANGLE” is an unusual table object in which Humbert blurs the boundaries between art and design. The series developed for Atelier Haußmann is comprised of unique objects each consisting of a remnant marble slab with a breakpoint, surrounded by a steel angle frame which has been individually composed to match the random shape of the slabs, yet remaining open at the breakpoint.

Unexpected perspectives occur as a result of this tabletop, which juts out like a cliff hanging over the frame and the arrangement of the table legs is reminiscent of architectural structures. The “small corner table” is a game of confronting common habits of seeing. In this first pursuit of Humbert to create purely an object of design, he follows the same approach as he does in his art works. He does not look for suitable forms for an industrial implementation of his idea, he devotes himself to the material instead. The result, a sculpture which functions as a piece of furniture.

Issues of sustainability concerning the reuse of the marble slabs deemed useless for conventional use, are just as much integrated in “PETITE TABLE D’ANGLE” as the traces on the materials which bear witness of the extraction and further manufacturing processes, because they remain, just like the different grains suggesting the country of origin, as an image and a history. The value of the marble now is measured in terms of its visually palpable story that may not be polished away.

The marble relic turns into a piece of “Land Art” bestowed with a suitable form of representation.

Each table is a unique piece, produced for a particular marble slab.

Two hights are offered: 30 cm and 35 cm

Expected production time is between 4 - 6 weeks + shipping time.