Lee Sanghyeok


€2.900 EUR

There is a moment of the respected atmosphere when I enter the room, building, or the street. I often amaze by spatial experience through life in cities. I started this project to reflect courtesy from an architectural perspective into a domestic environment. The practice of architects is not far from what I consider objects in spaces.

Significant research is not only a geological but also a behavioral approach. I wanted to switch on considerable research in the domestic environment. It is essential to take into consideration the materials and historical perspective.

For that start, I chose the fundamental substance in architecture, the marble, and resembled essential building elements, the arch. It is the object of blending experience between architecture and the living room. I interpret objects into a metaphor that brings freedom to the viewer’s imagination.

Marble, polished
Dimensions: 30(W) × 30(D) × 45(H) cm

Expected production time is between 4 - 6 weeks + shipping time.