Laura Maldonado


€250 EUR

botijÓN is a reinterpretation of the traditional Spanish botijo. Its ergonomic design is a fusion between the traditional tableware of the Spanish culture and the avant-garde simplicity of the northern European design.

Porous porcelain earthenware jug which is not only re-usable, but also keeps water cool by taking advantage of natural energy sources. This is a process called “evaporative cooling”, whereby the inside water that is filtered to the outside through pores in the earthenware uses its own thermal energy to evaporate.

The traditional botijo is redesigned as it can offer to everybody, and mostly the ones who live in warmer countries, the possibility to drink cold water, turning this heat into a refreshing effect while drinking water in a more comfortable temperature.

Moreover nowadays, which is one of the moments of the history where the biosphere ́s climate changes faster, botijÓN can be a good tool to save energy from refrigeration. A different and sustainable way to drink.

botijÓN was part of the world EXPO in Milan and was exhibited at the Helsinki Design Museum in 2015.

Expected production time is between 4 - 6 weeks + shipping time.