Laura Maldonado

Alicante, Spain



Laura Maldonado, artist, product designer and architect, is an avid traveller and a curious explorer of every kind of natural or constructed beauty.


After completing her Architecture studies in Madrid in 2012 and having worked in a studio in Berlin in 2013, she does a master’s degree in Applied Arts and Design at the University of Aalto in Helsinki where she lives until 2018.

In 2019, she founded her design studio in Alicante where she designs, produces and manufactures all her creations targeted on most renowned restaurants with Michelin stars in the country.

Many of her pieces have been exhibited in museums, galleries and design fairs; such as at the World Expo in Milan, the Helsinki Design Museum, the Riacci Academy in Florence and the ArtSablon in Brussels.

Laura’s designs have been published in the most prestigious magazines in the world of art and design including TlMagazine, Artsthread, Newnordicdesign, and Disegnodialy among others, including Wallpaper Magazine, referring to her work as: “excellent and particularly cutting-edge´´.

Her pieces are the result of the materiality research, exploration and experimentation with the concept of emotion and sensory experience.


VOLCAN (set of 6)VOLCAN (set of 6)
€540,00 EUR
THE MOON (Set of 6)THE MOON (Set of 6)
€510,00 EUR
€300,00 EUR
MAREA (set of 6)MAREA (set of 6)
€510,00 EUR
€250,00 EUR
BALLET (set of 6)BALLET (set of 6)
€390,00 EUR