Atelier Haußmann

Berlin, Germany

ABOUT Atelier haussmann


Atelier Haußmann was founded with the awareness that good design must be both functional and timeless. Brothers Andreas and Rainer Haußmann started their work in 1990 in Berlin, guided by these inspiring words: "Fashions and trends come and go. We don’t follow any fashion. We try to do as little as possible when we work on our product design. It’s up to the product itself – its desire to be a bed, a hook or a table."


Without following ephemeral trends or hypes of the moment, Atelier Haußmann flows with its intuition and openly aims for high-quality materials and modern design. Inspired by the past, their designs often hint at iconic style, reinterpreted in a modern, contemporary way. 

They work together with local craftsmen to provide the best production standards for their design.


€4.175,00 EUR
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