As - A Ceremony

Berlin, Germany



As - A Ceremony is Alessia Pegorin and Antonia Insunza, Italian and Chilean designer duo based in Berlin, operating in the field of lighting.

As their name implies, As - A Ceremony believes there is a sacredness to sculpting spaces and objects that become part of our daily lives.


Their transversal approach means they pull inspiration from all corners; never drawing lines between what is an acceptable practice in life and work, instead one informs the other, and they use this as their barometer. 

When it comes to their designs, Alessia and Antonia have no strict formula. Their compassionate virtue aesthetics of respect paves the path in shaping bespoke solutions and sets necessary ecological boundaries for their projects and products. 

Their design thinking renders a socio-political statement, alerting people to the legitimacy of light which is often taken for granted, yet which makes life as we know it livable. 


In a world where design seems to be appreciated only by the result, we protect the process.

We respect time.

We stand up for quality and experimentation.

We support mistakes.

We believe design does not solve problems: it creates desires.

Designing is a never-ending question about existence.

We believe that design can restore the power of sacredness.

For this reason, we abandon automatism and return to the ceremony that life is.